How To Check Luggage Policy in redBus?

If you are not sure about the weight of your baggage and want to know what is the luggage policy of your booked ticket.

It’s very simple to check your luggage policy on the redBus website. Also, you have the option to check your luggage policy on your ticket.

Steps to Check Your Luggage Policy

Below are the following steps to check your luggage policy:

  1. Login to your account and go to this website
  2. Now enter your email address and Ticket number & click on Submit.
  3. Once you click on submit you can check the luggage policy on your ticket.
  4. Also you have option to check your luggage policy on your redBus app by selecting your ticket.

Here is the luggage policy of the redBus:

(1) Each passenger can carry one bag of up to 10 kg and one personal item such as a laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase of up to 5 kg.

(2) Passengers should not carry any goods like weapons, inflammable firearms, ammunition, drugs, liquor, smuggled goods, etc., and any other articles that are prohibited under law.

(3) Bus Operators reserve the right to deny boarding or charge an additional amount if a passenger travels with extra luggage than what is mentioned above.

Please note, on every confirmed ticket, the luggage policy would be mentioned. Please review the same for future reference.

How to Check Luggage Policy While Booking Ticket?

If you are booking a ticket and want to know the luggage policy of the bus operator then you have to check here.

After choosing the bus you can see the option for booking policies, click on that then click on Travel Related Policies.

How To Check Luggage Policy in redBus?

Now you know how to check your luggage policy and know what to carry with you. If you have any doubts you can call redBus customer care number 09945600000.

Do you also want to know their pets Policy? then you need to check here.

If I have missed anything just let me know in the comments so that I can add them which will help other customers with hassle-free travel.

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