How to Cancel redBus Ticket?

If you have purchased a ticket to redBus, and wish to cancel it for any reason whatsoever. You can do so by following the steps below.

How to Cancel Ticket in redBus webiste?

  • Login to
  • Click on the drop down under manage booking.
  • Click on cancel.
  • Now it will ask you to enter your ticket number and booking email ID.
  • Now select the passengers showing there, and click on Review Cancellaiton.
  • Once you do above step it will show you the cancellation charges if appilicable.
  • Also on the right hand side you can see the fare breakup.
  • Once you are done with checking all the details click on Confirm Cancellaiton.

Now it will show that This ticket has been cancelled with the cancellation date also there is a notification that the refund will be credited back to the source account within 5 to 7 bank working days.

You can also check the status of the refund right there.

How to Cancel Ticket in redBus App?

If you are in hurry and want to cancel your ticket from your mobile then please follow the below steps.

  • Open redBus app and click on My Bookings.
  • Choose your specific booking to be cancancelled.
  • Once you choose there is a cancel button.
  • Also it will show option to Reschedule your ticket.
  • Click on cancel button.
  • It will show the passengers name, select the passengers name.
  • Now click on Review Refund Details.
  • It will show error if’s this ticket is not available for Partial Cancellation.
  • Select all the seat number and click on Confirm Cancellation.
  • Now it will show you the cancellation policy, please check it properly before cancelling your ticket.
  • Once you are done, your ticket is successfully cancelled which will show with your date.

Now you can click on view refund to know the refund breakup and status. You will see a screen like this.

If you are still not able to cancel your ticket you have another option, you can call the redBus helpline number 099456 00000 or you can chat with the redBus agent.

I have very good experience with the redBus chat agent, they are very polite and help you to cancel your ticket.

I hope I have cleared your all doubts regarding ticket cancellation, if I missed something which is very important let me know I will do my best to help you.

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